Stoked to be A Living Wage Employer

As we tentatively step out of this covid-19 shitshow, we’re gonna be better at what we do. Better at being a good place to work, and a good place to visit.

Eh? What does that mean?

It means that we’re quitting with the excuse that we’ll get round to properly looking after our people when things get better. We’ve figured out, eventually, that the foundation of things being better for our business and our industry is looking after the squad.

So, yeah, first things first we’re now an accredited living wage employer – nobody in our business is paid less than £9.50 / hour, and that means there have been knock on increases for everyone in the business. We’ve joined over 2000 employers in Scotland who have made this commitment.

We’re raising our standards and embarking on a journey to be better at what we do.

First cans off the line

The news you’ve all been waiting for is here. We are (finally) announcing the winners of our poll, to find out which craft beers we will be canning for delivery.

The winners that we will be pouring and canning tonight are…Brew Toon Cherry Crush and Fierce Beer Day shift! Combined they took a total of 45.9% of your votes. We don’t blame you, both are absolutely delicious!

We will also be canning Venom cocktails, just in case you’re not a fan of beer. 440ml cans, freshly made and delivered to your door.

So get involved – place your order. Why not get some food to go with them as well? We’re taking orders until 9:30pm, every day of the week!

Pubs opening still might be a bit off, but we can help you get a little bit closer!

Now we can!

Empty cans ready to fill and seam.

Fresh draught beer in a can, delivered. The can seaming machine we ordered months ago has finally arrived, and after a little experimenting we are ready to get canning. Fresh draught beer and freshly made cocktails sealed in a hygienic, one-way, fully recyclable cans.

Which beers should we put on?

We need your help to decide what to put on first. We’ll probably start with two and see how that goes. So, simply pick two favourites and hit Submit.

The poll is now closed – here are the results:

What they say about their beers…

Cherry Crush, Black Cherry Sour, Brew Toon, Peterhead
“Cherry Crush blends together a variety of juicy cherries that creates a sharp sour resembling that of your favourite childhood ‘slushy’… We’ve conditioned this sour ale on extra cherries to crank up the juiciness, and added some milk sugar to balance the tart levels with some creamy goodness. ‘The crush is cold!'”

Day Shift, IPA, Fierce Beer, Dyce
“A classic hop forward, super hazy IPA. We use Mosaic and Citra hops in the whirlpool and to dry hop, so the beer is full of tropical and citrus notes, and has low bitterness. We also leave it unfiltered, so expect a full on juicy haze.”

Soundwave, Siren Craft Beer, Wokingham, Berkshire
“Welcome to tropical hop heaven. Soundwave is eminently drinkable, full of flavour and subtle with bitterness. Our most famous beer pours with an inviting haze, while big-hitting American hops deliver fruit notes in abundance and a trademark resinous finish.”

Apricot Session, Sour, Vault City,
“Little brother of our Apricot Sour apricots refermented on our mixed-fermentation sour base beer.”

Cape Sour, Fierce x Devils Peak
“The hazy IPA was kettle soured with our house culture, then bombarded with a blend of South African hops, freshly imported for this beer. A blend of Southern Passion, African Queen and Pacific Jade bring tropical and citrus notes with a little stonefruit. The low pH really accentuates the hop high-notes”

Hickey The Rake, Wylam Brewery
“A Limonata Pale… An Ultra Pale which emulates almost toxic levels of citrus zing. A nuclear sherbet dib-dab of lemon, lime and tropical pineapple.”

Blackcurrant Tart, Fierce
“This sour ale was brewed using the kettle souring technique. We add in both Blackcurrant Juice and Concentrate to produce berry and currant flavours with a nice tart finish.”

Bar & Garden Temporarily Closed

In line with government regulations relating to COVID-19, our last service inside and in the garden was on Christmas evening 25/12/2020.
We are still open for takeaway and delivery of food and drink.
Order delivery & takeaway here.
Thank you all for your support throughout this crazy year.
Stay home, stay safe, stay alert (!), stay puft.

Festive Opening Hours 2020

Our usual hours at the moment are 9am – 10.30pm but there are a few changes over the festives which we’ve handily put into this wee graphic.

Booking is advised at all times, and remember it’s max 6 people from 2 households inside and max 8 people from 3 households outside.