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Please read this carefully prior to making a booking.

We can now take bookings for you to sit in our lovely beer garden from 10am every day drinking pints, wine and gin like you’ve been stuck inside for a year. The garden will close at 10pm. Outside, we can accomodate 6 people from 4 households subject to you being able to maintain 1m distance from other households.

Inside – As of Saturday 22nd May, we can serve booze, scran and hot / cold non boozy drinks. We open at 10am and are licensed inside from 11am. Inside will be closed by 10.30pm.  The maximum group we can accommodate inside is 6 from 3 separate households – again subject to you being able to maintain 1m distance from anyone in another household. The maximum booking is for 2 hours, and we cannot accommodate multiple bookings for the same group under different names.

Food will be served inside and out, every day, from 12pm. To ensure that you have enough time to finish your food/drinks, we will be calling last orders a bit earlier than usual. Food orders and app orders will end at 9pm. Last orders for drinks outside will be called at 9pm, and inside at 9.30pm.  Orders will not be accepted after 9.15pm outside and 9.45pm inside. Everyone must have left the garden by 10pm and must have left inside by 10.30pm at the latest.  

We require you to wear a face mask or covering when moving around the garden or the bar. If you are exempt from wearing a mask because of medical reasons, we will require you to wear a visor / shield instead.

If you agree to these conditions, please proceed to book a table below.