Stoked to be A Living Wage Employer

As we tentatively step out of this covid-19 shitshow, we’re gonna be better at what we do. Better at being a good place to work, and a good place to visit.

Eh? What does that mean?

It means that we’re quitting with the excuse that we’ll get round to properly looking after our people when things get better. We’ve figured out, eventually, that the foundation of things being better for our business and our industry is looking after the squad.

So, yeah, first things first we’re now an accredited living wage employer – nobody in our business is paid less than £9.50 / hour, and that means there have been knock on increases for everyone in the business. We’ve joined over 2000 employers in Scotland who have made this commitment.

We’re raising our standards and embarking on a journey to be better at what we do.

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